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Behind the silence of the death
Copyright © 2021 Vain and Hopeless. All rights reserved.
The escape
God is a Devil
Dream to die
As she said
The darkest depths of Hell
Silent room
Shh! Be quiet or die
Oblivion's whines
Song of a Bloody Puppet
Sisters of blood
Despair ends in the ashes (dawn)
Praise her death
Behind the silence of the death
Child of the shadow
Despair ends in the ashes (dawn)
Here I'm so cold in the darkness of the night 
I shiver with fear because the death will be mine 
She'll toll the bell knell – well, I'll understand 
As a word to the wise, I need to turn a blind eye 
Midnight rings and my neck be stiffened 
I feel my blood, in my veins becomes iced 
I see this night makes me so closed to die 
And I beg the death not to take me in her arms 

And after the dawn, you are dead 
There's still only silence in my head 
But all is dark, all is dust 
The steam was fear in all of us 

But I'm so cold since I can't feel you there 
You created this void that reminds me that you were 
And I cry to join you in the middle of the night 
With nothing to lose, I'm so deprived of life 
3:00 am, I don't feel anything but cold 
I do not know when my eyes will be closed 
Death buried your life and she wants mine tonight 
And I think that this silence is full of shouts as "die!" 

And after the dawn, you are dead 
There's still only silence in my head 
But all is dark, all is dust 
The steam was fear in all of us 

I'm so afraid of these shades standing there 
I didn't sleep yet and it is 6 am 
The morning comes but I shall not wake up 
I went out of this box that's your world to see the sun 

Oh yeah I swear that I've tried to find you 
I sought again and came across what I'm doomed : 
Hold out a hand to this guide called "the Death" 
For sure, I'm not able to turn this page 
After the end, there are still two different doors 
How could I know which one hides your shadow? 
I'd like to run away and feel free soon 
But I dread I cannot be a child like you 

And after the dawn, you are dead 
There's still only silence in my head 
But all is dark, all is dust 
The steam was fear in all of us
Music & lyrics by : Alyn White McHelly