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Through the veil of the looking-glass
Copyright © 2021 Vain and Hopeless. All rights reserved.

Between the Hell and the Heaven

The hateful eight
Running on the edge of a bridge
Death utopia
Heal Heaven

Shattered dreams

Running on the edge of a bridge
I feel the abyss in front of me 
So close to the fall 
Behind me, I feel the threatening wind 
Wishing to remind me that I'm at fault 
No one ahead me to hold out a hand 
Life pushes my back with her sword 
And a cold little voice comes to say: 
"Regret the day when you were born" 

A journey inward 
Opened my scars 
I walk straight ahead on this line 
For sure I will fall over on one side 

Often near the edge of this void 
Where did I fail? 
Was I able to take the wrong road 
And not keepin' reason by my side? 
Will I leave having achieved nothing 
Or out of arrogance after the fame? 
See, when you wake up, your nightmare ends 
But at the crack of dawn, mine begins 

A journey inward 
Opened my scars 
And I stand in this night on this bridge 
I wait for angels to remove my wings 

Behind the silence of this night 
I heard an angel cry 
And I saw all the pain leaving out his eyes 
Such as little tears that we pass by 
It's a poor little doll with broken threads 
That destiny left 
Thus I'm this angel on this bridge 
Is there an heaven above dreams? 

Why was I born?
(Why was I born?) 
Why was I born?
(Why was I born?) 
Why was I born?
Music & lyrics by : Alyn White McHelly