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Through the veil of the looking-glass
Copyright © 2021 Vain and Hopeless. All rights reserved.
A long journey inward
No one's son
The seven sins
The stained angel
November 21st
The fallen's anthem
No one's son
I found myself on my own again 
And my only home is the city's bench 
Used to raise my head from all this pain 
But in the face of the wall, I see only the shade 

There's in my hands the future I dread 
I have left my dreams so far away 
Scars on my skin are the only thing I kept 
Memories in the sand aren't made to remain 
And in my hands, the future will fade 
If I can't free myself of my ball-and-chain past 
I will walk the road not to be caught 
Up by life, but I'll sink in my own void 

'cause I'm the no one's son and this is my song 
Everything passes me by in this blinkered world 
And the tears from my eyes are my orphanage 
There's nothing that I have, there's nothing I have left 
Love is a cage I cannot enter 
And no one could ever carry me in his heart 
The fetus in his shell 
Should have been aborted 
To avoid this pain 

There's in my heart a void I can't fill 
Without any forebears, how did I get here? 
Where do I've to go now? Utterly neglected 
My father didn't build me and my mama didn't want to carry me 
I searched for one land to make of it my place 
And I found for myself a brand new name 
I see through my eyes the world's unfairnesses 
And I pity the mankind to follow the drawn road which leads to the loss 

Quite as a phoenix, I reborn of my ashes 
It's only after we've lost everything 
That we're free to do anything. 
So I take my fate in my hands and I forge ahead 

'cause I'm the no one's son and this is my song 
Everything passes me by in this blinkered world 
And the tears from my eyes turned to rage 
There's nothing that I have, but I'm not held in a cage 
I should find Love you said, I do love myself 
'cause I understand that nobody can do it well 
The fetus in his shell 
Will fertilize himself 
To be a perfect ain't 
I am the No one's son 
And this is my fate 
With no aim, I roam 
That's the curse I am 
I'm the no one's son 
Nobody cares 
To no one, I belong 
I don't belong anywhere 
I will die alone 
Yes someday I may 
Want a mom to moan, 
Want a mom to regret 
I will die alone 
Yes someday I may 
Want my mom to moan, 
Want my mom to regret
Music & lyrics by : Alyn White McHelly